monorail chembur to wadala time table

Travelling from Chembur to Wadala Depot
Travelling Chembur to Wadala Depot
Distance 8.93 km
Estimated Travel time 22 min
Ticket Fare: Rs. 11

Train No. Cars Starting From End At Chembur Wadala Depot
C122 4 chembur wadala 09:00 PM 09:21 PM
C124 4 chembur wadala 09:15 PM 09:36 PM
C126 4 chembur wadala 09:30 PM 09:51 PM
C128 4 chembur wadala 09:45 PM 10:06 PM
C130 4 chembur wadala 10:00 PM 10:21 PM

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